#theyearinbooks – Reading List 2016.

Happy Epiphany! So the 12 Days of Christmas are over and with them my semi-suicidal mission to complete a blog post a day. I am alive however and, despite being slightly worse for wear, apparently I can’t get enough… Introducing #theyearinbooks, an initiative from Laura at Circle of Pine Trees, in which the participant commits to reading (at least) one book a month for the duration of the year – I shall certainly be doing the least in this instance! Continue reading “#theyearinbooks – Reading List 2016.”


Bye-Bye Three French Hens.

Now that the excitement of Christmas Day has dissipated, you (like me) may be slightly regretting that third helping of poultry, and considering resuming (or starting) some committed, realistic exercise.

Having two-under-two, I know how hard it can be to get dressed some days, let alone motivate myself to head outdoors in the freezing cold to move around, but it simply must be done! Continue reading “Bye-Bye Three French Hens.”