Now You Are Two.

When you were in
I could not have known
How life would change,
Nor how much I’d grow.
Life held its breath,
Until you were born;
Love did begin
When you were in.

When you were months
The days were long
(Nights were longer)
But weeks were soon gone.
I blinked and time
Did catch me out;
Bye-bye baby girl,
When you were months.

When you were one
It’s like you knew
What just one small
Smile could do.
So quick to learn
And laugh and love,
My heart overflowed,
When you were one.

Now you are two
With so much to say,
I cherish each moment
and treasure each day.
I’ll hold your hand
As long as I can,
The way led by you,
Now you are two.


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