Introduction to Organic Living.

Why does it seem that ‘organic’ is a notion considered only imperative for babies? The majority of weaning food available on shelves is organic, far more organic clothing and bedding is produced for the under-ones, even skincare largely follows this same trend. Pharmaceutical solutions to every cough and hiccough are shoved down everybody’s throats and you have to really search for organic infant formula, so there are exceptions, but on the whole, ‘stuff’ for bigger people just seems to be laced with toxic chemicals as standard, implying that we can ‘handle it’ once we are weaned… this seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Since moving to the UK especially, P and I have made an unspoken commitment to choose organic wherever possible, for the benefit of our whole family. Food has been the biggest turning point and we now eat organic almost exclusively (we’re not militant, we do eat out every once in a while!). Everything is readily available from a variety of sources, the majority of which we buy online and have delivered – which is one thousand times easier than traipsing through Tesco with two in tow – and only supplement from our local supermarkets.

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about – organic vs. non-organic – nobody dies from eating the normal stuff, do they? I used to share this thought, but am since converted wholeheartedly. Sure, eating a standard stalk of broccoli won’t drop you instantly like rhubarb leaves but long-term exposure to pesticides, artificial fertilisers, growth hormones and genetic modification simply can’t be good for us (regardless of whether we are 6 months or 66 years old).

Another consideration is the way soil is treated in conventional farming. Long story short, even the ‘healthy’ foods (when non-organically produced), are left severely lacking in normal (i.e. organic) vitamin and mineral levels, which long-term deficiencies in can contribute to cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness.

Basically, organic food is better for your health, better for the environment, has better animal welfare and actually tastes better… if you don’t believe me I challenge you to try it – you have not had a strawberry or a pork sausage until you’ve had it organic! Let me know if you taste the difference, or simply if you have any thoughts on the matter – why did you go organic? Or, why do you choose not to?

Jaide x

Resources I find helpful:
More Information:
Food Matters
Organic UK
Online Shopping:
Abel & Cole
Buy Wholefoods Online

Full Disclosure: This post is entirely unsponsored and all views are completely my own.


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