Places: Bolsover Castle.

We are one month off our two year anniversary of moving from Australia to the UK and I still am not accustomed to the sheer wealth of places, brimming with history and beauty, that are practically on our doorstep. We could go somewhere different every weekend for the entire year and still not exhaust Derbyshire!

We spent New Years Eve exploring Bolsover Castle, trying not to lose our fingers to the biting cold, or our enthusiasm on the blistering wind, and we succeeded on both counts (thank goodness!).

P&G at WallGarden WallLittle CastleTree

The grounds were surprisingly captivating, despite their simplicity, and the ruins provided plenty of nooks and crannies for hide and seek. Inside was not short on architectural features, fireplaces and far-reaching views of lush countryside – although one can’t help but wonder how anyone managed to enjoy these vast places without dying of pneumonia.

Out the windowCeiling Detail

‘Littles Friendly’ Score: 3/5.

There is plenty of space to run around outside and not much in the way of breakables inside, as well as activities like dress-ups and a wonderful wooden horse, to recommend Bolsover Castle to Littles of all ages. The changing facilities however could use some attention (a surface to put bags on and some heating for little bodies wouldn’t go astray) and buggies are not conducive to exploration so I would recommend a carrier to avoid lugging equipment up and down flights of stairs.

All in all, a good way to spend a few hours playing and learning. We will likely make a return trip in the Summer when R will get more out of it and a picnic with Venus is a more pleasant idea!

Jaide x

G on HorsebackG in FireplaceCastle Wall and View



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