A Toast to Parents’ Parents.

My heart stands so full of love today with the arrival of G and R’s grandparents from Australia. G has not seen them ‘in the flesh’ since she was four months old and (thanks I am sure to frequent Skype calls) it did not take long for all three to seem completely at ease with one another. It was of course also the first time they have met R, their first grandson, and there was no shortage of cuddles.

Only since having kids have I come to so strongly value the role of grandparents in our lives. Growing up I had no real access to any of mine and so have never known any different, or understood quite what was missing, but seeing G (R doesn’t give much away at this stage!) and the relationships she is developing with each of her grandparents in such special, personal ways, has made me realise that there is no other relationship like it. Love, respect and ease of interaction is dusted with a palpable sense of playfulness and the desire to maximise each moment with quality time.

We always want for our children the good things that we could not have for ourselves. I for one hope that these four unique relationships flourish well into G and R’s adulthood, that each of their grandparents can be for them a guide, a confidante, a friend, and an infinite font of love and affection formed by fond memories and excited for future adventures.

R and Pepe

So here’s to all the world’s beautiful grandparents, and especially to G and R’s. Thank you for being such an irreplaceable part of their lives.

Jaide xx


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