Bye-Bye Three French Hens.

Now that the excitement of Christmas Day has dissipated, you (like me) may be slightly regretting that third helping of poultry, and considering resuming (or starting) some committed, realistic exercise.

Having two-under-two, I know how hard it can be to get dressed some days, let alone motivate myself to head outdoors in the freezing cold to move around, but it simply must be done! I am now 12 weeks postpartum and so, while my goals for 2016  are a bit more extreme, I am content to start with brisk walking outdoors and beginners yoga for when I really cannot face the icicles or the kids simply won’t play ball.

There are two things I know I need in order to motivate myself for exercise.

First is ‘gear’. I’m talking good quality, good-looking stuff that you will feel good putting on in the morning, will support your practise and compel you for having financially invested. You don’t have to go nuts (or buy anything at all if you don’t need to)! I simply invested in a good pair of trainers and a great outfit from Fabletics. Maybe this sounds a bit ridiculous but I find it really helpful! Especially important for parents (referring specifically to walking/running) is a buggy you can get a pace going with without it collapsing underneath you – I love my side-by-side Mountain Buggy Duet and recommend the brand with complete confidence.

Second is support and community. Self-motivation is not one of my strong points. I know that I am more likely to commit to a regime if someone else is doing it with me and where, if I need advice, someone will be able to help. Fortunately I have the local support of my mum, who is a beacon of knowledge herself, and online support c/o Ekhart Yoga and The Running Bug, both of which I have signed up for and will hopefully be guided confidently to success by!

Let me know if a similar wind has caught you for this coming year as I’d love to hear how you get yourself moving. Please join me on Instagram and #fitwithlittles so we can motivate each other.

Jaide x

Full Disclosure: This post is entirely unsponsored and all views are completely my own.

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