Boxing Day anti-Madness.

What a wonderful day Christmas was, I can only hope yours was as full of love, joy and music as mine! Everyone was spoilt with food and gifts that surely we can feel content for at least a few days.

I always find Boxing Day Madness (BDM) quite saddening – that the day immediately following such indulgence and peace, everyone embracing the joy of giving – that thousands rush to ‘irresistible deals’ on more stuff, maxing out credit cards and getting into fights, I have never been able to understand it.

Little Girl LostCan I just say though, G is not two years old and so cannot yet fully appreciate it but The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name is such a brilliant gift. Completely personalised by me, it features her name, a menagerie of curious characters to help her learn to spell it and it rhymes! What more could you want from a book? Order via this link for 15% off and I might get a gift (winning!). It’s not BDM if you’re shopping online, right?

Anyway, our Boxing Day has been a bit more ‘zen’. It was spent downing copious amounts of chocolate (making the most of a temporary ‘free-pass’ in my sugar-free diet), preparing for the arrival of P’s parents from Australia and enjoying a chilly walk to our local Swan Lake (or glorified ducks’ mud-puddle, as my dad calls it) followed by mince pies and coffee to awaken our numb fingers.

PGRPG and DucksPuddle Feet

We will be finishing off with deliciously easy leftovers for dinner and, once the kiddies are in the Land of Nod, perhaps a quick trip in the TARDIS before bed.

Bon nuit, and see you again tomorrow!

Jaide x

Swan Lake Pano

Full Disclosure: This post is entirely unsponsored and all views are completely my own.



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