A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things?

Christmas is without a doubt my favourite day of the year, mostly because it is one of the very few days in which it is perfectly acceptable (even encouraged!) to:

a) start the day with cake and alcohol, Panettone and Champagne (Prosecco this year) have always been my family’s tradition;

b) spend the day in novelty pyjamas, sensational jumpers and paper crowns;

c) listen to the same playlist on repeat for the entire day, without waning in sing-a-long enthusiasm and;

c) shamelessly eat more food in one meal than you would normally manage across three.

How do you spend your Christmases? Anyone else indulge in booze for breakfast?

Christmas is a time also for generosity, goodness and peace. It is a day above all other days filled with selflessness and love and, while I do get caught up in the materialistic elements, the true message, meaning and joy of Christmas ultimately reign. All of the anticipatory stresses and pressures are forgotten as the day seems to magically exist outside of time – passing so quickly though we savour every moment – and, once it is behind us, we immediately look forward to doing it all again next year.

And why shouldn’t we? Christmas is ultimately a birthday party after all, and one that officially lasts twelve days. To celebrate this wonderful season of Christmastide, I will be posting my first twelve posts over the next dozen days, covering all categories that will feature on this blog (some parenting know-how, product reviews, making organic choices, exercising with kids, exploring beautiful places and some children’s story sneak-peeks) giving A Life With Littles as comprehensive a launch as it deserves!

So, I’ll leave it there on that very exciting note. Thanks so much for taking some time out of your Christmas Day to have a read, and I hope to see you again soon.

Au revoir, and may God bless you on His birthday!

Jaide x


P.S. I would just like to thank Katie from Katie Did What for being the inspiration and information I needed to kick start A Life With Littles. Without her blog, none of us would be here right now!


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