New Year, New Goals.

So here I present to you the mandatory New Year’s Resolution post, in which I make every attempt to ignore the half-eaten block of Galaxy sitting next to me and reflect upon 2015s successes and failings in order to commit, wholeheartedly, to a more productive, inspirational year. Continue reading “New Year, New Goals.”


Reality Check!

It has been one of those days… but as this series of 12 posts is intended to give a complete taster of A Life With Littles, I present: the ‘short-and-sweet-because-I-ran-out-of-time-post. Such is life I’m afraid!

Another date with The Doctor is in order (gee this series is addictive!) to help us unwind after a busy day doing Second Christmas with the in-laws. So bon soir mes amis and see you tomorrow for a post with a titch more substance!

Allons y!

Jaide x

A Toast to Parents’ Parents.

My heart stands so full of love today with the arrival of G and R’s grandparents from Australia. G has not seen them ‘in the flesh’ since she was four months old and (thanks I am sure to frequent Skype calls) it did not take long for all three to seem completely at ease with one another. It was of course also the first time they have met R, their first grandson, and there was no shortage of cuddles.

Only since having kids have I come to so strongly value the role of grandparents in our lives. Continue reading “A Toast to Parents’ Parents.”

Bye-Bye Three French Hens.

Now that the excitement of Christmas Day has dissipated, you (like me) may be slightly regretting that third helping of poultry, and considering resuming (or starting) some committed, realistic exercise.

Having two-under-two, I know how hard it can be to get dressed some days, let alone motivate myself to head outdoors in the freezing cold to move around, but it simply must be done! Continue reading “Bye-Bye Three French Hens.”

A Partridge in a Pear Tree.

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to A Life With Littles and Happy Christmas! I am so pleased to have you here for the first post of my new blog (the partridge in the young pear tree, if you will) – and what better day to launch than on the first day of all new things? Continue reading “A Partridge in a Pear Tree.”